Love’s Executive Order: Fist State” (2018)
Love’s Executive Order: Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Love a Good Wall” (2017)
American Poetry Review: “Would You Like Some Cheese with That,” “Money Is Everything,” “Evil,” “All Points Bulletin,” “Mama Money,” “What a Peach,” and “While You Were Out” (2015, 2016)
The Gettysburg Review: “Holy Manure” and “Rodeo Good Stuff”
Waxwing Magazine: “FB is My New BF,” “Not Tag But War,” “Pooer Lonely Irony” (2015)
ZYZZYVA: “JC Loves the Gays” and “Tell Me Something” (2014)
Verse Daily: “Now You See It Now You Don’t” (2014)
The Minnesota Review: “Step Right Up” (2012)
Ploughshares: “Two Weeks” (2012)
Alaska Quarterly Review: “Jews for Jesus” and “Carnage” (2012)
Cimarron Review: “Ka-boom” and “Head” (2011)
Mid-American Review: “A New Car” and “Two-Headed Child” (2008)
The Asheville Poetry Review: “Sweet Onion” (2007)
Prairie Schooner: “Fun and Games” (2007)
HeartStone: “Lou Cataldie: Louisiana Coroner” (2007)
Third Coast: “Freak Show” (2007)
Folio: “Baruch Atah Adonai” (2006)
Soundings East: “Asking For It” (2006)
Beloit Poetry Journal: “Speak the Slavic” (2006)
River Styx: “Cottonboob” (2006)
Agenda [England]:  “Goodman’s Anthem” and “The Found Word” (2006)
Best New Poets of 2005  (Meridian anthology, edited by George Garrett): “Vagina and Cross-Cocks”
Poet Lore: “How We Came to Be” (2005)
Cimarron Review: “Mother Tongue” (2005)
The Greensboro Review: “Drive-In” (2004)
Hubbub: “Two Notes” (2003; Winner of the Kenneth O. Hanson Award)
Crazyhorse: “Now You See It Now You Don’t” (2002)
The Comstock Review: “Deadnettle and Its Rival, The Yellow Archangel” (1999)
The Lucid Stone: “An Elegy” (1999)
Essays, Reviews, and Blogs
“On Narcissism and Shame” : Jaded Ibis Productions The backstory to FREAK SHOW. (2013)
“Voices and Visions: The Writer’s Sense of Self” on Virginia G. Piper Creative Writing Center Blog  My sister hears voices. They call her godawful names. She also has visions, of Jesus in the tv. As a poet, using the same word we associate with madness to describe an essential quality of writing, is, well, freaky…   (2013)
Review Revue: “I’ll Show Mine If You Show Yours: Steve Orlen’s The Elephant Child” (2006)
Fractured Identity & The Freak Show: An Interview with Valerie Bandura (2014)

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